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About Us

The OADO is an organization of designated officers who represent Police, Fire and Paramedic services, Public Heath Units, Transfer Services, Industry Partners and Correctional Institutions in Ontario. We provide a forum for Ontario’s designated officers to build capacity in infection prevention and control (IPAC) which will serve to provide consistency between services when responding to exposure risks.


The group came together from an identified need to standardize the response of emergency services across the province to infectious disease in the work environment, and to advocate for a standardized response from all public health units to potential or actual emergency service worker exposures to infectious disease.

The foundation document for this group is based on the amendment to the Health Protection and Promotion Act (finalized and released 2008). The development of the Mandatory Guideline and Protocols for the Notification of Emergency Services Workers was undertaken to ensure that Emergency Service Workers are notified of specific serious communicable disease exposure so that appropriate action may be taken. The goals of the protocol are: to reduce the concerns of Emergency Services Workers regarding occupational exposure to specified communicable diseases, to support the development of procedures to facilitate the investigation of reports of exposure, and to ensure that emergency service workers have access to accurate information and advice concerning appropriate action post-exposure.


To provide a forum for the Designated Officers (DOs) of Emergency Services in Ontario to build capacity in Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) in order to:

  • Provide consistency between services in the prevention and mitigation of exposures to increase worker and patient safety.
  • Advocate for standardized responses from public health units to reports of emergency service worker exposures to infectious diseases


  • To identify the roles and responsibilities of the DOs and Ontario Public Health Units based on current regional and provincial best-practice guidelines.
  • To share and promote consistency in policies, procedures, principles, reporting structures and information based on the most current standards and guidelines for communicable disease and infection prevention and control.
  • To develop consistent training materials to be used by all Provincial emergency services, as well as services outside of Ontario.
  • To establish collaborative communication links between DOs.
  • To annually review the terms of reference.


To mitigate and prevent occupational exposures to communicable disease for all emergency and justice service workers through education, cooperation, communication and collaboration.


To protect the lives of emergency and justice service workers by preventing exposures to communicable disease.