Resources Documentation - For The Designated Officer


As per the Ontario Public Health Standards Exposures of Emergency Service Workers (ESW) to Infectious Disease Protocol pg. 2, 1(c), all emergency service workers (police, fire and paramedics) must have 24-hour access to a Designated Officer (DO).

The DO, who is assigned by their employer, acts as the emergency service worker’s representative in investigating all reported exposures to communicable disease. The DO is also the liaison with their local Public Health Unit.

The DO role exists in order to help support ESW who feel that they have been exposed to a communicable disease. This can occur through two separate reporting paths; one generated by the ESW and one by the local Public Health Unit.

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The Designated Officer plays a critical role in protecting the workers within their organization. The OADO knows that the role of the DO can be challenging and complicated…but there is help. If you’re new to the role, or if you want to build your skills as your service’s DO, join the OADO and see how we can help.