Services Included with Membership


In 2008, the Ministry of Health amendmened the Health Protection and Promotion Act to include the Exposure of Emergency Service Workers to Infectious Diseases Protocol. This protocol was developed to ensure that emergency service workers are notified in case of exposure to specific serious communicable diseases so that appropriate action may be taken. The goals of the protocol are to reduce the concerns of emergency services workers regarding occupational exposure to specified communicable diseases, to ensure all emergency services have developed procedures to facilitate the investigation of reports of exposure, and that emergency service workers have access to accurate information and advice concerning appropriate action post-exposure. This 2008 document is the foundation for the OADO.

In order to help our members, we offer the following services:

  • Networking and problem solving
  • Monitoring issues and trends
  • Lobbying for health and safety issues related to IPAC
  • Providing IPAC education and resources
  • Supplying expert consultations and speakers
  • Coordinating alerting system for IPAC threats
  • Proposing evaluation and audit tools
  • Liaising with other IPAC organizations and health and safety groups
  • Participating in national and international committees and conferences
  • Collecting and analyzing exposure statistics

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Helping with investigation of exposure and access to accurate information and advice.